CTB Scoring Scale™

We are Cook These Books Labs are proud of our patented Scoring Scale.

Designed to give you more meaningful information than a single numerical data point, our unique approach guarantees you will make the right cookbook decisions.

The Scoring Scale recognises that everyone wants something different from cookbooks. The Scoring Scale gives you a feel for what a book is all about.

Here is the current version (v0.6) of our scale:

Nigella ░░░░ Donna Hay Attractive, evocative writing versus simple and direct?
Ottolenghi ░░░ Barefoot Contessa Elaborate or involved recipes versus quick and easy?
Mark Bittman ░░░ Ferran Adrià Can you cook the food every night or is it more specialist or obscure?
Gwyneth Paltrow ░░░ Nigel Slater Do you see photos of the author or photos of the food?
#KonMarie ░░░ Rain on your wedding day And does it just spark joy?


There is no objective best side of the scale: our system is all about helping you find what you are looking for!